3D: Birker Fell & Devoke Water

Birker Fell

3D Glasses Required:

Yesterday, I shared some photographs from my visit to Devoke Water, which is located on Birker Fell. Today, I thought I would share with you some of the 3D Anaglyph photographs that I shot of the area. You will need Red/Cyan Anaglyph glasses to view these images correctly.

Birker Fell, also known as Birker Moor, is an upland wilderness area in the western portion of the Lake District National Park, in Cumbria, England. Rather than being formed of one single high peak, the fell is a broad, undulating area, approximately 6 km square, with numerous crags and prominences scattered across its area. The highest point of the fell is at Green Crag. The fell is bordered by the Duddon Valley to the south-east, Ulpha Fell to the south-west, Harter Fell to the north-east, and Eskdale to the north-west.

3D Glasses

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