3D Photography

3D Anaglyph - Moor Row

A Little Depth Perception:

Like most men, I’m a big kid at heart. And, ever since I picked up a 3D comic at around aged 6, I’ve been fascinated by the depth displayed in the imagery.

I do have a 3D camera, and have decided to add photographs from the third dimension to my website for your delight. I hope you enjoy what I’ll be adding over time.

The camera I use is now no longer produced by the manufacturer. Several hundred thousand cameras were produced. Some are still available for purchase on the web, but are perhaps on the expensive side for those just setting out in this style of photography.

The Fuji 3D W3 has twin lenses to replicate what human eyes can see. It will take 10mp photographs, and allow you to record 3D video too. The screen also allows you to review what you have captured – without the need for glasses!

To view on a computer screen, or in print, Red/Cyan anaglyph glasses are needed to view the images correctly. If you don’t have a pair of glasses tucked away in a drawer, you can buy them from eBay for less than £1. Alternatively for all the cheapskates out there, you could try coloured sweet wrappers. Apparently, the wrappers from Quality Street, coconut eclairs and malt toffee are ideal.

If you fancy having a go at this style of photography, you don’t need an expensive camera. You can do it with a normal digital camera.

Here’s how:

  1. Hold your camera level and steady* in your hand. Compose your shot and take the left hand photograph. Refocus and hold.
  2. Now, move to the right, approximately 2.5 inches (average distance between left/right eye), and take the right hand photograph. Keep the shot parallel rather than diverging as it can make the viewer feel cross-eyed.
  3. Using THIS free software, edit and merge the two photographs to produce your 3D anaglyph. For a tutorial on how to use the software, please click here.

*If you have a tripod slider, you should use that for more control over your L/R photographs.

3D Glasses

Put On Your 3D Glasses

The following 3D Anaglyph photographs are from around the village of Moor Row (where I live).