Appeal For Help After Pensioner Savaged By Dog

Pensioner Savaged By Dog
Pensioner Savaged By Dog

An appeal has been launched to find the owner of a dog that attacked a 75 year old man at Morrisons supermarket in Whitehaven.

Angela Lunt the mans daughter said, “My dad had left Morrisons on 29th June at around 4.15pm.

“He had just finished his volunteer charity work job and was cycling to Morrisons for a cuppa before setting off home.

“My dad doesn’t remember what exactly happened but does remember the day was very hot and the dog, which was large, dark and hairy (he now describes it as a German Shepherd type) seemed in distress, barking repeatedly.

“Because of this he gave it a wide birth. The dog took a ‘dislike’ to my dad, knocking him off his bike, biting him on the arm, cheek and nose. He remembers having the dogs lead wrapped around his arm and trying to unhook it to stop the dog biting.”

The police and an ambulance were called. While emergency services were in attendance, the owner of the dog left the scene.

Mr Lunt was taken to West Cumberland Hospital, who transfered him to Newcastle RVI, where he was placed in the hands of a plastic surgeon.

“It took around 14 hours to stem the bleeding as the dog had bitten through an artery under the skin on his face before my dad could be operated on.

“He spent a few nights in Newcastle, and is still under the surgeon, having weekly visits with a possibility of further work done on his face in future,” Miss Lunt added.

If you saw the incident in Whitehaven, please contact Cumbria Police on 101 and ask to speak to PC Huck on extension 2406, quoting incident number 234.


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