Consortium Reveal Plans To Invest In Whitehaven Rugby League


At a meeting this evening, a letter of intent was signed by Stuart Harvey and the current board of directors of Whitehaven Rugby League.

Stuart Harvey is a businessman leading a consortium looking to invest in Whitehaven Rugby League and become part of a three year plan to lead the club into a strong position. Steve and members of the current board spoke frank and honestly at tonight’s fans meeting at in the JJ McKeown Bar at the Recreation Ground.

Window On The Lakes

The club are looking to raise £60,000 to cover a budget shortfall which is crucial in developing the new consortiums three year plan. While this is not the full figure that is needed. Stuart and his consortium believe this is a figure that can show that the residents and businesses of Whitehaven want to keep Rugby League in the town.

Stuart and the rest of the consortium have helped in a few areas already including a new club website to be launched and go live in the next two weeks and a new kit deal which will supply the players with new off-field training kit.

The raising of the £60,000 is still at the forefront of the clubs plans and can be done in a number of ways. Anyone wishing to donate should contact the club

Photos: David Malcolm Walker


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