Copeland MP Urges Energy Minister For Long-term Commitment To The Nuclear Sector

Copeland Mp Praises Copeland's Nuclear Industry
Copeland Mp Praises Copeland's Nuclear Industry

The future of the UK’s nuclear industry was raised by Copeland’s MP during her first Westminster Hall debate.

Today, Trudy Harrison MP raised a debate on the Nuclear Sector Deal asking Government Energy Minister, Richard Harrington to recognise the capability and potential in a range of themes within the sector.

The Copeland MP highlighted the many ‘world firsts’ that have been achieved in her Copeland constituency, demonstrating the global capability and track record of safety and excellence.

Mrs Harrison asked for a secure future not just for decommissioning but also research and development and new build.

Mrs Harrison, said: “As the Centre for Nuclear Excellence we are well known across the world for decommissioning skills and innovations in Copeland.

“I want to see better routes to market, more opportunities for manufacturing and a commitment from Government for the long term, so that local companies can have confidence in the future.

“Every family in Copeland is in some way benefitting from the nuclear industry, directly or indirectly, but there is even more that could be achieved with focussed Government support.”

The debate follows the launch of the Nuclear Sector Deal, and the publication of the UK’s landmark Industrial Strategy last November.

The £200 million deal aims to secure the UK’s diverse energy mix whilst driving down the costs of nuclear energy in a bid to cut energy bills for customers.

It includes a £32 million boost from government and industry to kick-start new advanced manufacturing programme including R&D investment to develop potential world-leading nuclear technologies including advanced modular reactors.

Additionally, the Government has pledged to increase gender diversity with a target of 40 per cent of women working in the civil nuclear sector by 2030.

Speaking in the Commons chamber during an Urgent Question following the launch of the Nuclear Sector Deal last month, Trudy Harrison MP praised the Government for ’demonstrating its recognition of our nuclear sector’.

Tom Samson, chief executive for NuGen, said: “The decision of the Government to pursue the implementation of a Regulated Asset Base model allows this Government to redefine new nuclear for the UK. This policy will provide a low cost basis for consumers for the future.

“Moorside was promised to the people of Cumbria 10 years ago. This Government has now created the opportunity to deliver on the latent nuclear potential of Cumbria by ensuring that NuGen are supported to take the project forward.

“It is vital that this moment is seized to give certainty to investors, communities, suppliers and the industry.”


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