Copeland MP Wins Cross Party Support In Banning Circus Animals


A ban on the use of wild animals in circuses moved closer today following the reading of a 10 minute bill by Copeland MP, Trudy Harrison.

Unveiling her Wild Animals in Circuses Bill, Harrison told the Commons:

In modern Britain, is it right that we allow wild animals to travel around the country from temporary enclosures to circus tent and back to a lorry for a journey on to the next town?

What sort of a life is that for animals such as zebras and camels, without space to forage and interact with other animals of their own kind in the way they would naturally.

“These wild animals cannot truly be said to be wild.”

Ministers have pledged to ban them from circuses by January 2020 at the latest, but Ms Harrison is bidding to ban the practice sooner.

Her Bill, which has cross-party support, is due back before MPs on March 16.

It has several parliamentary hurdles to clear before it becomes law.