Dent Fell Vapour Trails

Dent Fell Plane Tracks

Tracking Back In Time:

A number of years ago, I took a photo on a mobile phone and have wanted to reproduce it on my DSLR, but have never really found the time to take the shot. Today, I did and I’m more pleased with the replacement photo. I guess it was a case of being in the right place at the right time.

The foreground of the photo depicts part of the Hadrians Cycleway, which connects the Glannaventa Roman Bath House, Ravenglass to Arbeia Roman Fort and Museum at South Shields. The cycleway stretches the length of Hadrian’s Wall.

The mid-ground has undulating fields, leading to the village of Cleator, which is part of the Wainwright Coast to Coast walking route.

In the distance you can see Dent Fell, which is now becoming scarred by logging, and further back still, are the fells of Ennerdale.

Jimi Hendrix: Excuse me while I kiss the sky.