Eskdale Peat Storage Huts

Eskdale Peat Shelter

Important Resource:

Across Eskdale, there are around 35 Peat Storage Huts. The huts are located on unenclosed common land. The tradition of building stone huts in the area goes back to the 16th Century.

Peat was cut from the land, and then stored in the huts, to dry out and was used as a fuel, during cold winter months.

Peat was an important and carefully protected resource in Eskdale, and – in its heyday – the manor court controlled how and where it was cut, restricting commoners to specific peat mosses, and instructing on how the turf ‘tops’ must be replaced.

Peat was still being cut in Eskdale into the mid twentieth century.

The Peat Huts in the featured image above, are located in Mid-Eskdale, on the walking route to the Stone Circles above Boot, and over to Burnmoor Tarn.