Final HM Trade Commissioner Appointed

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International Trade Secretary Dr Liam Fox MP today (Friday 6 July) appoints former UK ambassador to Sweden, Andrew Mitchell as Her Majesty’s Trade Commissioner for Europe. The new Trade Commissioner will work to grow the UK’s trading relationship with the EU27 – totalling nearly £619 billion in the year to March 2018 – as well as promote trade with 15 other countries that are not part of the EU such as Norway and Switzerland.

The final of 9 HM Trade Commissioners to be appointed, Andrew will promote post-Brexit trade and investment with Europe. He brings 25 years’ experience leading organisations in the public and private sectors, including a 4 year stint as Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Sweden.

On his ambition for post-Brexit trade with Europe, International Trade Secretary Dr Liam Fox MP said:

We want to maintain our deep partnership with the European Union by ensuring maximum freedom to trade with EU markets. The appointment of our new HM Trade Commissioner for Europe is a key part in delivering this. Andrew will work alongside 8 other HMTCs in my international economic department to ensure the UK makes the most of global opportunities.

Welcoming Andrew to her senior leadership team, DIT Permanent Secretary Antonia Romeo added:

Andrew’s appointment marks a significant milestone in preparing the Department for International Trade for post-Brexit trade. With our full international team now in place, we will ensure that UK businesses take advantage of growing demand for their products in Europe and around the world.

DIT Permanent Secretary Antonia Romeo and Her Majesty’s Trade Commissioner for Europe Andrew Mitchell

HM Trade Commissioner for Europe Andrew Mitchell commented:

Trade with Europe is fundamental to Britain’s prosperity. As the UK prepares to leave the EU, my job will be to ensure that trade with our continental neighbours continues to thrive. Our teams around Europe will be focused on attracting investment into the UK and creating the appetite for more British goods and services on the continent, helping businesses at home succeed on the world stage.

Completing the recruitment of DIT’s international leadership network, Andrew Mitchell joins Natalie Black (Asia Pacific), Emma Wade-Smith (Africa), Simon Penney (Middle East), Richard Burn (China), Jo Crellin (Latin America), Crispin Simon (South Asia), Judith Slater (Eastern Europe and Central Asia) and Antony Phillipson (North America) as HM Trade Commissioner.


About HMTCs

All of the new HMTCs will cooperate closely with HM Ambassadors and High Commissioners, the wider diplomatic network, and other HM Government colleagues based in countries in their region, in a joined-up and coordinated government effort overseas to promote UK trade and prosperity.

About Andrew Mitchell

Andrew brings 25 years’ experience leading organisations in both the public and private sector in the UK and overseas. Most recently he was the director of a British creative and communications agency with clients among Olympic bid cities and major Games hosts.

He has previously held leadership positions in the Foreign & Commonwealth Office including as lead director for economic and trade issues and spent four years as HM Ambassador to Sweden.