Letters Call For Violence Against Muslims


“Punish A Muslim Day” letters are being sent to families in London and the Midlands.

The letter details a point system for each action and a reward. For example pulling a Muslim women’s hijab is 25 points, throwing acid is 50 points and burning or bombing a mosque is a whole 1,000 points.

The Metropolitan Police are aware of the letters and are investigating. The public are urged to telephone the police on the non-emergency 101 number should they receive a similar letter.

The threatening letter may be part of a wider campaign of hate against Muslims. In 2017, the so-called ‘Muslim Slayer’ targeted mosques in parts of London and the United States with similar threats, and in some cases, with non-toxic white powder.

Counter-terror police found no link between this campaign and a threatening letter sent to a mosque in Manchester last November.

A photo of the envelope suggests that it came from a sorting office in Sheffield, and sent with a second-class stamp, which mirrors the previous ‘Muslim Slayer’ campaign.

The letter calls for a day of violence against Muslims on April 3.