Macro: Philips OneBlade

Philips OneBlade Macro Photograph


Each week, I will post a photograph as part of a challenge from the Daily Post – you are invited to participate. This week, the challenge is entitled, Textures!

Please show me your interpretation of the subject by adding a comment, with a link to your Website post, Facebook photo, Flickr image, etc.

Photography is a primarily visual medium, but we can experience it with more than one sense. This week, focus on the tactile element of the objects you shoot, whether it’s one distinct quality — softness, smoothness, graininess, or any other texture you find interesting — or a combination of several within one frame.

For this weeks Photo Challenge, I decided to get up close with a Macro shot of the Philips OneBlade.

The OneBlade is a innovate looking product which claims to have “unique shaving technology that integrates a fast moving cutter (200 x per second) with a dual protection system.”

  • I don’t know how effective the OneBlade is, as I prefer a wet shave razor.

Did You Know?

The first electric razor was patented in 1930 by the American manufacturer Col. Jacob Schick. The Remington Rand Corporation developed the electric razor further, first producing the Remington brand of razor in 1937.

Fidel Castro: If you calculate 15 minutes a day to shave, that is 5,000 minutes a year spent shaving.


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