More Palm Oil Found On Cumbrian Beaches


There have been further reports of Palm Oil washing up on beaches in our area. The photo above was sent to Maryport Coastguard by Allyson Storey.

Allyson said that she “found the palm oil while out walking her dogs between Allonby and Mawbray on Sunday.”

This particular piece of palm oil has been removed from the beach.

The white waxy blobs of congealed vegetable oil, widely used in food and cosmetics manufacturing, float over all the way from the Caribbean.

Dogs love the distinctive diesel-like smell, but the palm oil is covered in deadly germs that can cause sickness, diarrhoea and death. The solid palm oil can also lodge in their throats.

Animal welfare charity PDSA advice states: “The rancid palm oil found on British beaches appears as white waxy lumps and some dogs will be tempted to eat it.

“So if your dog likes to scavenge when out walking it’s best to keep them on a lead when they are on the beach for the time being.

“If a dog has eaten the bacteria-laden palm oil, the symptoms will develop within 15 minutes of eating it and sickness is the most common sign.

“If you suspect your dog has eaten contaminated palm oil, contact your vet immediately.’ Reports of palm oil have also emerged in recent days on English beaches in locations including Norfolk and Suffolk, leading to pancreatitis in at least one reported case.”

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