Moresby Hall

Moresby Hall

Moresby Hall is a former manor house and hotel in Parton, Cumbria, overlooking the Cumbrian Fells. The hall is located south of Lowca, off the A595 on the A66-595, 2 miles north of Whitehaven and 12 miles south-west of Cockermouth.

Inhabited by nobles since the 12th century, it is a Grade I listed building and has been cited by English Heritage as being one of the most important buildings in Cumbria. Moresby Hall adjoins a church and graveyard dating back to the 16th century.

The name derives from the original builder named Morisceby, Mawriceby or Moricebi as early as 1150, when the Rosmerta Cottage was built using a spiral stone staircase believed to be from an original stone pele tower that preceded the property. The adjacent church site nearby was once a Roman fort. The graveyard of the church contains many of the people who lived and died at Moresby Hall and the hamlet of Low Moresby.

The wealthy Moresby family owned the estate for centuries during medieval times and had contacts with English royalty. Christopher de Moresby fought in the Battle of Agincourt and was knighted by King Henry, and Anne, his great-granddaughter, who was sole heiress of the estate saw her fiancé Sir Francis Weston executed by King Henry VIII along with Queen Anne Boleyn.

Later the Fletcher family owned Moresby Hall for a 250-year period. During this period it underwent some changes by architect Inigo Jones around 1620 and later between 1670 and 1690, by either William Thackery or Edward Addison.

During the 18th century, the house was owned by several different people after Thomas Fletcher died childless. It fell into disrepair and was used as a farmhouse for some years, before it was restored in 1910 and became a small manor house again until 1955.

Until the late 1990’s it was owned by High Duty Alloys as a business venue. In August 1999, the property was sold to Jane and David Saxon, who turned it into a bed and breakfast hotel.

The hall is reportedly haunted by ghosts and has been subjected to paranormal investigations by the TV show Most Haunted. Many human skeletal remains have been found in the house at various locations, including the chimney and under the floorboards.

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