MP John Woodcock Comments On Syria Strikes

John Woodcock MP

Barrow MP, John Woodcock has said that it “was right” that the UK took military action against Syria and that “we must act together” in removing the threat of chemical weapons:

It was right that the UK joined our allies in action to degrade Assad’s chemical weapon capability in Syria – we must act together to remove the threat of these dreadful weapons that indiscriminately slaughter civilians.

The prime minister must explain to parliament why she believed it was not appropriate to put this to vote in advance but that should not obscure focus on the two central groups of questions:

1) On the military action itself: is it effective to degrade and deter chemical weapon use; have we taken sufficient steps to avoid civilian casualties; are we sufficiently managing the risk of escalation with Russia?

2) Now the UK, France and the US has rightly shown there is a will for concerted action militarily, what wider humanitarian action will we countenance to alleviate the terrible ongoing suffering in the region?