MP Pays Tribute To Bereaved Families After Maternity Tragedies

Tim Farron
Commenting on the report that found that avoidable deaths occurred at Furness General Hospital while regulators took too long to act on concerns about midwives, South Lakes MP Tim Farron said:

“This report tells us what the bereaved families had long believed, that these deaths were avoidable – which is all the more heart breaking.

“The relentless dedication of James Titcombe and the other bereaved families for getting justice for those who died continues to humble me.

“I doubt that these truths would have been revealed without this determination.

“Only time will tell if lessons have been learnt.

“As a father with children born in a maternity unit run by the same Trust, I have nothing but admiration and praise for those who continue to serve as midwives across our area.

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