Oodles Of Noise In My Head

Solitude - Cumbria Hiking

Solitude – Photo Challenge:

Each week, I will post a photograph as part of a challenge from the Daily Post – you are invited to participate. This week, the challenge is entitled, Solitide.

Please show me your interpretation of the subject by adding a comment, with a link to your Website post, Facebook photo, Flickr image, etc.

This week, show us what being alone means to you. If you’re finding yourself surrounded by too many people, or too many sensations, or too many obligations, take a quiet moment for yourself. Seek solitude, and reset. Or, perhaps you find yourself isolated too often, and solitude evokes negative emotions that photography can help you work through.

Hiking across the Cumbrian landscape is the perfect place for me to get away from it all. The hustle and bustle of day to day life creates oodles of noise in my head. Getting out for a walk, on my Jack Jones is the best way for me to isolate myself from the world, and to recharge my batteries… it also helps me remain relatively healthy.

The inner voice, while in solitude is calming for me. I’m sometimes my own worst enemy, but while alone on the Mountains, a kind of ‘richness of self’ descends upon me. Being alone at times, brings a glory, and powerful mind where I find myself. My better self.

Albert Einstein: Solitude is painful when one is young, but delightful when one is more mature.


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