Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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Photographs from across Cumbria.

Non-Stinging Nettles

Non-Stinging Nettle
This week’s photo challenge is entitled, Prolific. What do you think of when you think of the word, “prolific”? If spring has arrived where you live, maybe the plethora of dandelions sprouting in your neighbourhood might fit. If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, it might...

Pussy Willow

Goat Willow
This week’s photo challenge is entitled, Awakening. This week, show us an image of an awakening. For nature-lovers, there are few things more wonderful than the awakening of life after a cold, gray winter. Spring is a glorious green renewal. Those of you in the...

Reflecting On Four Corners

Water Reflections At Bigrigg
This week’s photo challenge is entitled, Smile. This week, share a photo of something that has brought a moment of joy into your life recently, or focus on the outcome of that joy. If you’re not feeling particularly cheerful at the moment — it’s still...

Excitement Building As Ospreys Arrive

Excitement is building at Bassenthwaite Lake as the staff and volunteers on the Lake District Osprey Project (LDOP) eagerly await the return of the famous ospreys. This will hopefully be the 18th year that these iconic birds of prey have bred at Bassenthwaite. The viewpoints...

Mary Had A Little Lamb.. It Got Stuck

Trapped Lamb
While out walking yesterday, I happened upon a vulnerable lamb that evidently thought that the grass was greener on the other side. Unfortunately, the little mite had slid down a bank and became trapped behind a wire fence. Luckily, I spotted the predicament that the...

Magnolia Sunset

Magnolia Sunset
This week’s photo challenge is entitled, Rise/Set. For this week’s photo challenge, share your favorite photos of a sunrise or a sunset. If you’re an early bird, try to capture what dawn means to you. Is it a symbol of hope? A reminder to get...

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CCTV: Whitehaven Purse Theft

CCTV: Do you recognise this man? Police are investigating the theft of a purse at a Whitehaven supermarket. The incident occurred on 3rd May at the...

Business Energy And Industry Minister Meets With Cumbria LEP Board

The Minister for the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Richard Harrington MP, has met with the Board of Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership,...

Little Silver Book Brought Down £16m Tobacco Tax Fraudsters

A silver notebook helped HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) smash a North West illegal cigarette network that evaded more than £16 million in tax. Nine...

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Corby Castle

Corby Castle

Corby Castle is an ancestral home of the Howard family situated on the southern edge of the village of Great Corby in northern Cumbria,...