Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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Attempting To Hone Photography Skills In A Weekly Photo Challenge – Join In The Fun!

Magnolia Sunset

Magnolia Sunset
This week’s photo challenge is entitled, Rise/Set. For this week’s photo challenge, share your favorite photos of a sunrise or a sunset. If you’re an early bird, try to capture what dawn means to you. Is it a symbol of hope? A reminder to get...

The Exhilaration Of Open Space

River Ehen, Cleator
This week’s photo challenge is entitled, Favourite Place… Do you have a favourite bench in your neighbourhood? A secret spot that you seek every now and then to reflect or reset? A viewpoint overlooking your favourite town that you climb to whenever you visit? A...

I’d Rather Be Sat In A Farmyard Bath Than Carry Out Housekeeping

Dirty Old Bath
This week’s photo challenge is entitled, I'd Rather Be... You’ve likely seen a bumper sticker or a sign that reads “I’d rather be…” How would you fill in the blank? Golfing? Running? Fishing? Something else entirely? What activity do you enjoy most? For me, I'd rather...

Snow Is A Thing Of Wonder.. And Also Horror

Foot In Snow
This week’s photo challenge is entitled, Story. This week, I've chosen a simple photo that tells a story which the whole of the UK will understand, considering the extreme weather that we have recently experienced. Photos are remarkably multi-purpose. They can be informational, instructional, or historical....

Cracked Surface And Deep Ridges Point To Alien World

Out Of This World
Photo Challenge I'm resurrecting the weekly Photo Challenge and invite you to join in the fun, as I try to improve my photography. Share your photos in the comments section each week. I'll be using my DSLR at times, but mostly my mobile phone - an...

Coast To Coast

Coast to Coast
Walking Route: This weeks Photo Challenge is entitled, Pedestrian. Noun a person walking rather than travelling in a vehicle. Adjective lacking inspiration or excitement; dull. While, I was hoping to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak, with the meaning of the word pedestrian, I'm not sure I...

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