Snow & Ice Weather Warning Issued


A band of rain and hill snow is expected to clear eastwards on Saturday night with clearer skies and scattered sleet, snow and hail showers following. 2-5cm of snow may accumulate above 150 metres with some snow to low levels too. Showers are likely to fall as rain along western coasts though. Where skies clear after showers, ice is likely to develop on untreated surfaces later in the night.

Clear spells are expected to develop from the west early Sunday morning and will be accompanied by the arrival of colder air. This will result in falling temperatures and icy patches are likely to develop on some untreated surfaces, especially where any wintry showers lead to wash off of previous treatment.


Frequent showers of hail and snow are expected through Monday morning and the first half of Monday afternoon. Showers will be heavy, with lightning an additional hazard. 2-5cm of snow is likely to accumulate relatively widely, with some areas, particularly above 150m, possibly seeing 6-10cm of snow. Strong winds will lead to drifting of snow, with temporary blizzard conditions over higher routes. The showers will gradually become less frequent and heavy through the day.

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