Stained Underwear Wallet Offers Secure Storage Option For Your Cash

Stained Underwear Wallet
Stained Underwear Wallet

Ok gross. We apologise – however, these underwear are not dirty at all. They are totally clean; but no one else knows that! Therefore it’s a safe place to stash your family jewels, so to speak.

If you are heading off on holiday and are worried about thefts from your hotel room, this ingenious solution will be a perfect replacement for dodgy safety deposit boxes.

Keep your valuables hidden where nobody would want to look with the artificially stained underwear wallet. These stained tighty whiteys will allow you to keep your valuables in plain sight, and are also great for ensuring your stuff is left alone by security while travelling by plane.

You will never have an issue with people getting too close to your money ever again if you use a stained underwear wallet. Even if the potential thieves are not put off by rifling through your intimates to get at some dough, chances are they wouldn’t dare touch these seemingly excrement-covered undies.

With a prominent stain on the back and a discreet Velcro-sealed compartment for your valuables in the front, the pants are an unusual product that is actually creatively useful.

The stained underwear wallet is a completely new take on traditional wallets, as money-holders have never before been this up close and personal.

The stained pants are available from a number of online stores, from £14, but you might have some explaining to do should the package burst open when your postman delivers.