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Monday, February 19, 2018

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Egremont Marketplace

Egremont Marketplace

1267 Market Charter The place-name Egremont first appears during the Norman period, and this name may derive from the Latin acri mons or the French aigre mont, meaning ‘sharp–pointed hill’. An alternative derivative is ‘hill beside the Ehen’, particularly as...
Danger, Deep Water

Clintz Quarry

Danger, Deep Water: Each week, I will post a photograph as part of a challenge from the Daily Post – you are invited to participate. This week, the challenge is entitled, Danger! Please show me your interpretation of the subject by...
Egremont Castle

Egremont Castle

Centuries Of History: The castle at Egremont was built on a mound above the River Ehen on the site of a Danish fort following the conquest of Cumberland in 1092 by William II of England. The castle was built by...
John Stevenson MP

Carlisle MP To Support Campaign To Reduce Alcohol Harm

Latest News From John Stevenson, MP: John Stevenson MP is meeting with the Head of Public Affairs of Diageo, one of the UK’s leading alcohol...

Academic Who Tormented Victims Online Jailed For 32 Years

A scientist and former university lecturer who used the internet to seek out and blackmail dozens of people into providing him with sexually explicit...

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