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Monday, February 19, 2018

Tag: Wath Brow

Dent Fell

The Back Of Dent: Dent Fell is one of my favourite walks. It's right on my doorstep, towering over the local community. As a child I was often left intrigued by the local phrase of "the back of Dent". What...
Hen Beck, Wath Brow

Hen Beck, Wath Brow, Cumbria

The River Ehen: This shot was taken at Wath Brow in West Cumbria - this section of the river is known affectionately as Hen Beck. The river supports the largest viable population of freshwater pearl mussel left in England. The majority of...
John Stevenson MP

Carlisle MP To Support Campaign To Reduce Alcohol Harm

Latest News From John Stevenson, MP: John Stevenson MP is meeting with the Head of Public Affairs of Diageo, one of the UK’s leading alcohol...

Academic Who Tormented Victims Online Jailed For 32 Years

A scientist and former university lecturer who used the internet to seek out and blackmail dozens of people into providing him with sexually explicit...

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