A Wish Blowing In The Wind

Make A Wish

A Wish For Happiness:

Each week, I will post a photograph as part of a challenge from the Daily Post – you are invited to participate. This week, the challenge is entitled, Wish.

Please show me your interpretation of the subject by adding a comment, with a link to your Website post, Facebook photo, Flickr image, etc.

Shinto is the dominant religion in Japan, though it is more of a way of life than a way to worship. Visitors to Shinto shrines can purchase small wooden plaques called ema, upon which they can share their hopes and dreams. Then, they hang them amongst other ema from people who have come before them, in the hopes that spirits will grant their wish.

This week, show us a wish, and let your blog be the ema upon which you share it. As always, I can’t wait to see everyone’s contributions.

I often think wishing for something is futile. Its like trying to make a phonecall to someone without a telephone. Its near on impossible.

I believe hard work and a little luck is the only answer to realising dreams. If wishes could come true, the world would be a happier place.

I dont believe real happiness has occurred since the formation of the stars… and even then, the big bang will have probably caused much misery!

However, if wishes were real, I would wish for happiness to descend upon all the peoples of the earth.

Mahatma Gandhi: You must be the change you wish to see in the world.


    • Ah. Thanks for letting me know anyhow Margaret. It was probably just one of those glitches that happens from time to time on the www. Many thanks for your kind words too.

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